Water Conservation, Water Purification And Clean Drinking Water

Water, one of the basic requirements for survival is facing a crisis. Unfortunately, one out of six people lack access to safe drinking water, while more than two, out of six lack adequate sanitation.

Lack of strong institutions and agreements, changes within a basin, often give way to Trans boundary tensions finally leading to water scarcity.

Water problems at the Aral Sea, Parana La Plata, the Jordan and the Danube further bring home the point. Due to the lack of regional collaboration, major water projects get disrupted half way, resulting in regional instability.

Proper water management is a very effective way to tackle water shortage. Awareness and protection of freshwater resources is the best way to fix the water shortage issue. To that aim, several measures should be taken:

The right to water: UNO Secretary General clearly pointed out:” Access to safe water is a fundamental human need and therefore a basic human right”. Therefore the right to safe drinking water should be guaranteed to one and all.

access to clean water
Know-how at the local level at the local level should be developed: Unfortunately, most of the people tend to waste water believing that the access to water is an obvious and natural thing. It is only when they face severe water shortage do they realize its importance. Therefore the level of awareness about the importance and utility of water should be increased at the local level. Urbanization and lifestyle are also responsible behind water scarcity.

Improved and greater investment in water related projects: A large number of water projects still do not receive the necessary political priority and funding they deserve. A strong political will and improved financing are required to solve the severe water problem.

Monitoring water resources: It is important to develop a governing authority that will monitor and check the use of water. The authority will formulate water policies and will design, frame, investigate, operate and maintain water resources. The authority should spread the knowledge of availability of water among the general public.

clean water drop
Improving transboundary relation: Resolution of conflicts regional economic development and cultural preservation can all be strengthened by states cooperating of water. Instead of creating an issue water problem should be handled with cooperation and peace, initiatives should be taken to avoid crises.

Decentralisation of the responsibility for water; It is important to have collective responsibility in order to access and monitor water resources.